Roger Godsiff tabled debates on parents’ right to withdraw kids from LGBT-inclusive lessons


Even though the Labour politician himself supported (or at least claimed to support) the LGBT-inclusive update to the British school curricula, the question of parents’ involvement in this issue and giving them the right to decide whether their kids will attend these classes or not remains open for him. So he decided to gather other MPs and to discuss this issue more attentively. Godsiff brought forward the motion after being reprimanded for being caught ad filmed saying that people who protested against LGBT-inclusive lessons in the primary school of Birmingham had been right. Labour’s chief whip Nick Brown spoke to Godsiff after the video was circulated on social media. Jess Phillips, another Labour MP, told The Times that bigotry should be fought against, not optionally chosen, and those who think otherwise should reconsider their views. When asked to comment on Godsiff’s motion, a Labour spokesperson reiterated the party’s previous position. “Roger Godsiff’s comments do not reflect the Labour Party’s position in any way and his behavior falls below the standards expected of a Labour MP,” the spokesperson said.


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