Gay nightclub XXL in London could close


According to The Guardian, XXL – thought to be London’s last bear club – has three months to free the space for the new luxury real estate complex. “It was the only LGBT bar or venue left in Southwark,” James McNeil, who co-runs the club, told The Guardian. He noted that it would leave 40 people jobless and he treats it like nothing rather than a social cleansing. The club worked for almost 2 decades. The owners of XXL this week lost a legal challenge against developers, who are backed by investors from Malaysia and Singapore. The new project is said to include 34-floor towers incorporating 489 apartments, a hotel, offices, and shops. Mark Ames, who co-founded XXL in 2000, said that London loses something much more than just a club, it loses the reflection of society where people are accepted the way they are with opened arms. “There is no room for difference; everything has to be sterilized and the same. This is being done by people who don’t care about London’s community. All they care about is turning a buck,” Ames said.


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