Lesbian couple is kicked out of concert for dancing


A lesbian couple were forcibly removed from an Aly & AJ concert at a county fair in California because they, as it was called, touched each other inappropriately. In fact they just danced, when the security guard told them to stop their ‘disgusting’ behavior because there were children at the show. In a thread on Twitter, one of the women, nicknamed @Aygelz1, says they tried to move away from the abusive security guard and attract the band’s attention. But the guard left and came back with few police officers who kicked the women out. In a message addressed to the singers, she wrote: “We asked why and they gave us several different answers after also calling us ‘idiots’ numerous times, they also said that you both wanted us to leave. We were kicked out of your concert and the fair for being gay.” She added that this is the first time when she was made feel uncomfortable, unsafe and scared because of her sexuality. After learning what had happened, the singers announced on stage that the security guards were wrong to kick the couple out. Aly said: “Security please do not do that, this is a Pride event and we should be able to be whoever we are [and] do whatever we want.” But the two were not allowed to return.


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