Man faced a minor fine for a homophobic stab threat


A man who went on a “homophobic rant” and threatened to stab a train packed with LGBT+ people returning from Brighton Pride has faced a fine approximately of 600 pounds. The man, now identified as Chadd MacIntosh, boarded a train from Brighton to London on August 4 2018 after the UK’s biggest Pride festival. He abused the passengers verbally with homophobic slurs and said they deserved to die. With no staff or police on board the train, the man shouted that he had a knife and would stab every gay person in the carriage, saying: “You’re in London now, we carry knives here.” Nine months later he was found guilty of a public order offence with the aggravating factor of a hate crime, punishable by a £613 fine. The terrifying encounter was filmed by LGBT+ journalist Benjamin Butterworth, who wrote in iNews about the terrible fear. Butterworth was only able to capture 21 seconds of the incident as he was “so paralyzed by fear.” He said: “Being barely a meter from him and the knife he claimed to have, I sat perfectly still trying to make no eye contact in the hope of going unnoticed. I had not captured some of his most violent comments. They were so threatening I daren’t trigger him.”


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