France is to make fertility treatment for lesbians more accessible


French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe told parliament on June 12 that there are plans to extend the state-founded fertility treatment to include lesbians and single women. The current law permits state-founded fertility treatment only for women in heterosexual marriage or living with male partners for no less than 2 years that are medically proven to be infertile. The bill to change laws around medically assisted procreation (PMA) could be drafted by July and debated in parliament in September. He admitted that this issue remains controversial from the point of view of bioethics, but to hold serious, deep and serene debates on it is required for the modern French society. The reform of laws around reproductive technology was one of President Emmanuel Macron’s campaign pledges. Marisol Touraine, French politician and former minister of social affairs and health, told French radio station France Inter that she regrets the law was not changed in 2013, when the country legally approved marriage equality. She said: “French society was ready at the time, today it is even more so… Children born of PMA are born to couples who love each other, whatever they may be.”


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