YouTuber Christi Kerr comes out as demisexual and explains what it means


The video blogger has actually come out vas demisexual 2 years ago, but her followers did not get it quite right what she meant by this ‘strange’ word. Demisexuals don’t have sex outside relationships, it is obvious. But the majority of people don’t, because even if you are connected with a person only for sex, these are still relationships. And as for demisexuals it is an issue of a paramount importance to create an emotional connection with a person and to become a close frie3nd of theirs to become sexually attracted to this person. It belongs to the asexual spectrum. But when asexuality excludes sexual attraction in the general meaning at all, demisexuality limits it to the close circle of people. Demisexuals don’t fall in love at first sight, they don’t have celebrity crushes, they don’t stare at sexy strangers passing by, because they don’t find them sexy at all. Christi says that a lot of people mistake demisexuality for celibacy, but she explains that celibacy is chosen and religiously motivated. Celibate people can be sexually attracted to someone without fulfilling this attraction into actual relationships, demisexuals cannot.


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