9-year-old drag queen became an Instagram sensation


Keegan is a 9-year-old boy who lives in a conservative Christian community in Texas. As many of his peers, he likes football and video games, but he also has another hobby, which is quite unusual for his community – Keegan loves to do drag. Megan, Keegan’s mom, totally supports her son in his ‘gender-creative’, as she calls it, self-expression, she believes that her duty as a mother is to let her son be who he is and to be happy about it. He gave his debut drag performance at the Austin International Drag Festival last year, and the public welcomed his drag alter-ego Kween Kee Kee so warmly that Keegan and his parents decided to create an Instagram account for her. Keegan liked wearing dresses when he was just 4, at first parents hoped that he would grow out of it, but seeing how happy he was they decided to let him defy gender stereotypes. He now feels comfortable wearing dresses and sparkly shoes to school, while he still identifies as male and loves to do stereotypically boyish things just like his brother, who is far from drag art himself, but is really proud of his sibling.


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