Italian airline introduced non-binary option for passengers


Air Italy allows 3 gender options (male, female and non-binary) for the passengers who want to book a flight. The gender-neutral title ‘Mx’ has also been added to the dropdown list of titles. Several airlines have already taken similar steps in North America, but Air Italy is the first airline in Europe to do so. Gabriele Piazzoni, general secretary of Arcigay, Italy’s largest LGBT rights group, views these changes as a positive example of diversity and inclusion he wants everybody in Italy and in the whole Europe to follow. “The civil progress of a country depends not only on its laws, but also by the way in which the private sector puts in place anti-discrimination initiatives that take into consideration the many differences that exist,” Piazzoni said. However, the non-binary option is only available for those with the corresponding documentation – the gender marker ‘X’ on a passport, for example, which is legally possible but hard to achieve in Italy so far.


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