Pink triangle was installed in Twin Peaks


A giant pink triangle has been installed on top of San Francisco’s Twin Peaks. Pink triangle was a sign Nazis put on gay men they tortured and killed during WWII. It is a sign that nothing can be forgotten and though, thank God, Nazis were defeated, there are still those who try to take away our lives and our dignity just because we are who we are. The pink triangle can be seen from 15 miles away. Volunteers climbed to one of the two 281m summits, hence the name Twin Peaks, to install the pink cloth secured with spikes for the 24th year in a row. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Patrick Carney who installed the first pink triangle at Twin Peaks in 1995 said that he and his fellow volunteers have been installing a triangle every year for more than 2 decades, but they always do it at night because they are afraid to be arrested for what they do. After installing the 61m-wide triangle in the fastest time ever (36 minutes), they held a commemoration ceremony complete with a performance from the San Francisco gay and lesbian marching band.


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