Illinois introduced trans protections


Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has marked the50th anniversary of Stonewall riots with signing a new special order, as he announced via Twitter on June 30th. The aim of the order is to legally protect the rights of the young transgender population of Illinois, especially when it comes to education. The governor promised to provide everything the schools might need to satisfy the needs of the trans, gender non-confirming and non-binary students fully. As part of these measures, a task force will be established to guide the state board of education in promoting LGBT+ rights in schools and developing procedures around issues such as names, pronouns and dress codes. The 25-strong task force will issue its first report at the very beginning of next year, Chicago Tribute reports. Pritzker signed the order at Lake View High School, where he was flanked by Lori Lightfoot, the Chicago mayor, who happens to be an out lesbian. “Ending the intolerable levels of discrimination and violence against our transgender community starts here—in our schools—by making the values of tolerance and respect just as much a part of our educational cultural as academics, athletics, and the arts,” Lightfoot stated.


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