Straight Pride group in Massachusetts received glitter and thought it was a bomb


The group known as Super Happy Fun America (SHFA) called 911 on July 1st as they received three ‘suspicious’ envelopes with no return address. Inside each were bible passages and a substance which police later confirmed was colored glitter, FBI confirmed that the envelopes brought no threat. SHFA leader John Hugo said it was an act of “terrorism,” while the group’s treasurer Samson Racioppi described the recipients as “victims,” adding he would not wish anybody to survive this. The group has received hate mail since they announced the Straight Pride parade last month. SHFA said the glitter incident would not deter them from holding the parade on August 31 in Boston. The group claims that heterosexuals are ‘the oppressed majority’ now, and they promised to fight against ‘judgment and hate’. On their website SHFA demand “the same parade route as the Boston Pride Parade [and] the same accommodations given for the LGBTQ+ parade,” including street closures and permission for parade floats. The group have designed their own flags and logos, featuring male and female symbols, ahead of the march.


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