HIV diagnoses in Australia reached a record low


New HIV diagnoses have hit an 18-year low in Australia, according to new research released by the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales last week. The experts believed that the HIV-preventing PrEP drugs that became more accessible for gay and bisexual men in Australia did not play the last role in it. The researchers noted that the HIV rates have shown 23% decrease in general for last 5 years. “The reduction is very encouraging,” said Professor Rebecca Guy, head of the Kirby Institute’s Surveillance, Evaluation and Research Program, “Although we’ve seen reductions in recent years in some Australian states, in 2018 we saw significant reductions at a national level. The decline in HIV diagnoses is a result of the incredible commitment from government, healthcare, community and research sectors to eliminate HIV transmission in Australia”. A PrEP monitoring report released by the Kirby Institute found that more than 18 thousand of Australians from the risk groups are now taking the drugs regularly. “Many gay and bisexual men have embraced PrEP as a way to protect themselves and their community from HIV,” Professor Grulich said. “However, for declines to continue at this impressive rate, PrEP coverage needs to be significantly higher.”


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