1MM boycotted Toy Story 4 for alleged lesbianism


Two women (allegedly two lesbian moms) were picking up a child from school in a don’t-blink-or-you-will-miss-it scene in the 4th part of the famous Disney animated trilogy. But it was more than enough for the radically homophobic evangelical group One Million Moms to attack the creators of Toy Story for blindsiding, meaning that the scene was not preliminarily announced. Otherwise the activists would have boycotted it before, as it did not correspond with what they call ‘a natural family’, but they did not have such an opportunity, and they are sure that Disney did it deliberately to expose their ‘distorted view on the concept of family’ to as many people as possible in order to ‘normalize lesbian lifestyle’, which, as they stated, put ‘political correctness over the family friendly environment’ and ‘pushing the agenda over entertainment’. The activists in fact admitted that the scene was too subtle for children to understand what it means to be lesbians, but they still believe this topic to be ‘too controversial’ for being exposed to kids


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