Australian Christian mom walked her gay son down the aisle wearing a rainbow sash


An Australian woman who’s a committed Christian showed support to her gay son in an adorable way. Vanessa Hall said that she and her son, Lachlan, have always been very close. Her husband died when Lachlan was 9 month old, Vanessa is the only family he knew. He studied in a Christian school and his upbringing made him afraid of coming out to his mom. She struggled with it, but in the end she came to realizi9ng that she had no other choice rather to love her son as she always did. “We cried together than night, sitting in the restaurant, hugging each other. I knew then that I loved my son, and nothing would ever stop me from loving my son. But I had some thinking and some praying to do. Lots,” Hall said. And when Australia legalized same-sex marriage and Lachlan announced that he planned to marry his boyfriend Paul, Vanessa fell down on her knees to pray like never before. “I was sobbing, and I said to God, ‘You know I love you, and you know I love my son. What I don’t understand is why you are asking me to choose between the two of you,” she told God in her prayer, “But if this is an Abraham and Isaac moment, and I need to sacrifice my son in order to stay true to my faith, as much as it would grieve me, and as much as I don’t understand it, you know I would, but please, please tell me that is not what you want from me.’” And the answer was that God sacrificed His Son Jesus for people not to sacrifice their kids anymore. So she walked her son down the aisle and blessed him, because love wins.


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