French version of Queer As Folk is on work


A French adaptation of the classic television series Queer as Folk is to come in autumn, the adaptation will be produced by Joris Charpentier for Telfrance, if to believe the report from The original series set in the UK in 1999, starring Aidan Gillen, Craig Kelly and Charlie Hunnam as three gay men living in Manchester.The American spin-off was on air in 2000-2005, it starred. Gale Harold, Randy Harrison, Hal Sparks, Peter Paige and Scott Lowell and followed five gay men in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Charpentier said their French adaptation will not strictly follow the original characters’ stories, locations and time, it will show gay life from the perspective of the modern France, producers share. “The story will take place within the world of Queer as Folk, and will inherit the show’s corrosive, insolvent, touching and deeply relevant tone,” Joris Charpentier teased, “As for the pitch, the only thing I can tell you is that there will be heroes, heroines and true diversity,” he said.


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