Lesbian drag queen rewrote ‘Let it go’ into a lesbian anthem


There is a lot of speculations that the main character of the Disney animated picture Frozen, queen Elsa, might be a closeted lesbian and her song Let It Go can be interpreted as coming out, but the female drag queen Miss Disney (out-of-drag name – Maria Gardner) decided to make it obvious. She also adapts the lyrics to include the lines: “I am gay! I am gay! I really hope that’s OK. I am gay! I am gay! There’s really not much more to say. Here I’ll stand and here I’ll stay.” She is, as you might have guessed, a lesbian. To be more specific, she is a femme, who does drag and challenges the stereotype that this art is for gay men only. As most girls, she grew up admiring Disney princesses and she loved the songs they sang, she wanted to become a Disney princess, and now she is impersonating her favorite characters from a lesbian perspective. Yes, Elsa is not the only one. But this performance is really special for Maria, she is one of those fans who look for Elsa’s lesbian storyline in the Frozen sequel because queer girls like herself deserve being represented as princesses and queens, this is what her generation fights for, for the next generation to stand up proudly.


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