Those who hate gay people hate trans people too, study finds


Researchers have found a clear link between people who are anti-gay and those who are anti-trans. The National Centre for Social Research analyzed data from the long-running British Social Attitudes survey, which is devoted to different social aspects related to many different aspects of LGBT rights. In a report published on July 11th stated that people who consider same-sex relationships unacceptable are most likely to oppose transgender rights as well. The body explained that many “assume that public attitudes to transgender people may be reflective of attitudes to same-sex relationships,” because it is commonplace “to consider the experiences, needs, rights and contributions of sexual and gender minorities as interrelated.” Such factors as gender, age and education are likely to define people’s attitude to the transgender community. Women are more likely to be trans-accepting than men, youth are more liberal than middle-aged and elderly people, the better people are educated, the more likely they are to accept and support the trans community. The report also contrasts the findings on trans rights to data that shows attitudes towards same-sex relationships steadily improving over a 30-year period.


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