Billy Eichner played his character in Lion King from a gay perspective


The gay comedian, who plays the meerkat Timon in the new live-action Disney remake, spoke to BuzzFeed that he used the original voice of this character, Nathan Lane, as a role model. And Lane was gay, just as Eichner. Maybe it was a coincidence, but even if so, it was impossible for the actor not to bring some part of his personality to the character then, and it is impossible to do it now. Being asked whether the character himself could be gay, as he is very close to his best friend Pumbaa, Eichner replied that they are different species and it is unlikely, and there is no need to dig so deep in a children’s story about animals. But those who would like to think of them as a couple are free to do so. But it does not matter for the actor whether his character is gay or not, the character’s sexuality is neither increasing nor decreasing his own. But playing the character every actor views him from his own life perspective, considering different aspects of his personality, including sexuality. And Eichner made no exception playing Timon.


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