Police warn about the danger of forced marriage for queer people


The UK’s national Forced Marriage Unit has warned that the issue of forcing LGBT people into marriages is not explored well enough, but they should consider this risk as an attempt to force them into relationships with someone of the opposite sex. The Independent reports that a record of 1,764 potential forced marriages were investigated in 2018, but police don’t know the true figure because victims don’t report about it, they either don’t know it is illegal or don’t want to bring their relatives under fire. 93 percent of forced marriages happen abroad, and with the school summer holidays beginning the risk is bigger because nobody would notice (except the family, which is organi9zing it all) if a young person was gone and sent abroad for marriage. With this in mind, officers are being stationed at major UK airports in a bid to prevent victims being taken out of the country. Cases of forced marriage in the UK have been connected with more than 110 countries, but the nations with the highest known prevalence are Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Somalia, Afghanistan and Romania.


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