Puerto Rico governor is urged to resign for homophobic language


The governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosselló is facing calls to resign, after a leaked group chat revealed he used homophobic slurs in a mocking manner towards his senior aides. Rosselló, a Democrat who has been governor of the US territory since 2017, faced outrage after the contents of his private messages with top aides and officials were leaked. In the messages, Rosselló and his staff both use homophobic and misogynistic slurs, targeting political opponents as well as gay singer Ricky Martin, who is an ethnic Puerto Rican. In one exchange, the group mocked senator Eduardo Bhatia, to which Rosselló replied: “Historic cocksucker levels.” On another occasion, Rosselló referred to journalist Benjamín Torres Gotay as an “unprecedented cocksucker.” He issued an apology for it and refused to resign. “We do not give up on the work under way, and today more than ever, many people are counting on my commitment to that work,” he said. Rosselló had sought to portray himself in public as an LGBT+ ally. In March, he signed an executive order banning so-called gay conversion therapy on minors.


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