Young Thug condemned Lil Nas X for coming out


Rapper Young Thug said that his colleague Lil Nas X should have stayed in closet. In an interview for No Jumper, Young Thug said that it was not something to have been told to the whole world. In the black-dominant rap culture homosexuality is still not something acceptable, people might be negatively biased towards a certain person on the basis of his sexuality and spread the negativity about his creativity even if they have not heard any of his songs before, Young Thug warned. In fact he used much ruder words, including racist slurs, to express this point more clearly. In the BBC interview, Lil Nas X said he had received some homophobic abuse after coming out but that he was “not angry” about it. The rap star said he had received backlash himself and knew how Lil Nas X would be feeling, but also admitted that his timing was good and he reacts to negativity with humor.


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