Alabama Secretary of State says homosexuality damages America


Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill has claimed that “homosexual activities” were the main reasons for the American values being destructed, and that is why Republicans should have been more active pushing back pro-LGBT reforms encouraged by Democrats. He said that it was seen even on TV, were the shows are no longer representing the values of the country. “There are no more good TV shows on like Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Virginian, Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy. “We don’t have those shows anymore. We’re too interested in homosexual activities. We’re too interested in seeing how this family’s finding a way to mess on this family or to see how people are trying to date on TV, or having wife-swapping on TV. That’s what we watch,” he said. Speaking to, Merrill confirmed that this is what he believes in and he is not going to backtrack or apologize. The candidate called for more “shows that promote family and culture with a father, a mother and children based on biblical teachings and biblical principles on which our nation was founded.”


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