The daughter of homophobic politician opens up about her lesbian marriage


Lord Trimble, now a Conservative Party peer, revealed to the House of Lords on July 10 that he had abandoned his anti-gay marriage views when his eldest child Vicky came out to him as a lesbian and married her girlfriend. Speaking to BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback Vicky said that she could have come out to her parents only in her late 20s. And if her mo did not even seem surprised, her dad, who had a reputation of a prominent homophobe by that time, put his head in his hands. But it was only a first reaction. As Vicky brought her now-wife Rosalind to meet her dad, he was very nice to her, and now Rosalind is in perfect relationships with her father-in-law, she attends all the public events in the House of Lords where the family members of the peers are invited, and says she loves Lord Trimble as much as her own dad. As for Vicky, she understands that many conservatives are not able to support LGBT equality because this issue does not touch them personally. And she is happy that her father was the one who realized that people are people first of all, she did not stop being his beloved daughter when he found out she was a lesbian, it did not mean to him she should be less loved or have less rights


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