Australian city is to make rainbow crossings permanent


A councilor of coastal city of Wollongong in Australia is planning a permanent rainbow pedestrian crossing because even though the Pride month is over, the problem of hate speech remains, and there should be permanent methods of tackling it. Councilor Tania Brown is asking the city council to support her plan to show the queer community in Wollongong that the city accepts, welcomes and supports them regardless of the time of the year. Brown told daily local newspaper Illawarra Mercury that some people might say that it is just a symbol which is not going to change anything, but symbols and signs are important because they do carry a message, even though not all people are able to decode it. “Over the last month we have seen homophobic hate speech. Former rugby player Israel Folau’s comments have sparked a religious freedom debate. It is easily for people to express their opinion online and unfortunately that is usually negative so I hope the crossing counteracts that discussion with positivity, ” Brown added.


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