Billy Porter says wearing a dress is a political act


The gay actor who is known not only for his role in Pose but also for reconsidering people’s views on red carpet looks from gender-fluid perspective, noted in the interview to PinkNews that everything he does is intended, it has a certain message he wants to carry with him everywhere he goes. And this message can often be interpreted as ‘let’s fight against toxic masculinity in the black community,” because Porter himself spent too many years struggling to be masculine enough for his environment, while he wanted to express himself in a different way. And this is what he does now. And he feels that this is how he can help not only himself, but also those who are oppressed by toxic masculinity just the way he used to be. He said: “I didn’t know I had that much power—but now that I know I do, you can expect me to be wielding it every f***ing chance I get.” “If I’m over here wearing a dress, why does it matter?” he asked, saying that nobody reacts with shock when they see women wearing pants, because pants are associated with masculinity, which is actively promoted as a symbol of strength and power. But a man who wears dresses because he loves it and slays red carpets with just being who he is, is definitely not less powerful


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