Cheryl is announced as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK


The Former Girls Aloud star has been announced as a guest judge of the British version of the most famous drag-themed TV show. Cheryl said that she is a massive fan of Drag Race because she admires the work drag queens do, their enthusiasm and total dedication to this form of art. “It is not only fun and glamorous but equally as skillful and admirable, I find it incredibly inspiring. I just love the makeup, creativity and the drama,” she said, adding that fir her it was an honor to join this show. One Drag Race fan quipped: “Cheryl could destroy both bottom 2 queens in a lip sync of one of her songs. She has had years & years of practice.” Another added: “IF WE DONT GET A “FIGHT FOR THIS LOVE” LIPSYNC I SWEAR TO ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY.” Model Twiggy was also announced as a guest judge. She said: “You see the most gorgeous women in the most glamorous outfits. I love the creativity of the clothes and the makeup. I have been to a few drag shows and they’re brilliant and fun.”


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