Gay man was not allowed to donate blood, so he donated kidney


A man who was told he could no longer donate blood because he has sex with men has protested the “crazy” FDA restrictions. He did become a donor, blood is not all he has to give. 24-year-old Barton Lynch from Virginia donated blood for years in honor of his father, who was diagnosed with cancer. But he was no longer allowed to do it because he started dating a man. So Lynch decided to find a way around the system with what he calls “philanthropic activism.” Washington’s Georgetown University Hospital did all the necessary checks and cleared him to donate a kidney. Just two weeks later, he was saving someone’s life. “I don’t know anything about the other person. I sent them a letter, and they can either read it or not, and reply or not. As far as I know, they have not done anything. But I did hear that it was a successful surgery,” the man said. While Lynch is still ineligible to donate blood, he is permitted to be on the bone marrow registry and hopes to donate soon.


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