Halsey defends herself as she is accused of rainbow marketing strategy


The openly bisexual singer captioned an Instagram post of her onstage in Brazil “Peak bi gurl evolution.” In the post there are two images. In the first, a rainbow flag is crumpled at her feet, and in the second she is holding it in her hand. And it was more than enough for the fans to start accusing Halsey of speculating on her queer identity to gain popularity, especially in the wake of Pride Month. But the singer said that it was not something new for her, she has been bi much longer than her career lasts, she came on stage with a rainbow flag and she uses it on her every show for 5 years and counting, and if there are people who have noticed it just now, they just have not been attentive enough. And of course, Halsey’s extremely supportive fans stood up for her. “She can market the rainbow for me forever!!! Thanks for the support! Thanks for keeping it real. She’s bi – you don’t have to be a genius or even a diehard fan. She puts it all in her music. Listen before you comment, people,” one fan said. Another user said, “You gave me the strength and courage to come out as bi.”


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