The number of non-binary patients in gender identity clinics of London is growing


The UK’s only gender clinic for under 18’s is seeing an increase of young non-binary people. More than 1/10 of the patients in the gender identity development service (Gids) in London identify as non-binary, if to believe its director Polly Carmichael, who says that now young people are challenging the stereotype about fitting the gender binary boxes, listening to their hearts and what they feel, and this feeling can change from day to day. The clinic, which is part of the Portman and Tavistock NHS Trust, says that the growing number of people who are non-binary are not necessarily seeking any physical transition, including hormone treatment. Ones criticize the clinic for being too slow in transition, others say that vice versa, it encouraged children to transition too quickly and too early. The director says that the patients are always given time to explore themselves and to decide what they want. “I can still not predict with absolute certainty what pathway a young person is going to take,” said Carmichael. “It’s a process of exploration.”


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