People massively sign anti-gay children petition


Two children aged 10 did not want to attend the Pride lesson in their school and gained massive support in it. The two Year 5 students asked to leave the classroom when they were handed LGBT-inclusive material for coloring, but the teacher refused because the book was a part of the curriculum. One4 of the two, boy named Farrell, allegedly used homophobic slurs reacting on it, but he denies it. The other one, a girl named Kaysey, insists that she behaves this way just because she wants it and her parents are not forcing her. Kids faced 5-day suspension for it. Parents of both children insist their children have not made homophobic comments. They have reported the headteacher Susan Papas to the local authorities, citing paragraph 13 of the Exclusions Guidance (2017): “It is unlawful to exclude for a non-disciplinary reason.” The petition in support of the two students had reached 30,700 signatures at the time of publication. It does not appear that the signatories have a specific goal beyond “applauding” the ten-year-olds.


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