New justice secretary of the UK was disappointed by marriage equality


It is no longer a secret that Boris Johnson’s new government is going to be filled with the opponents of LGBT equality. And the position of state secretary did not make any exception. Robert Buckland, the MP for Swindon South takes up the prestigious role following the biggest cabinet clear out with no change in party in Britain’s modern political history. Being an MP for 9 years, Mr. Buckland has always voted against LGBT-related laws, and when marriage equality became legal in the UK, he confessed it made him feel deeply disappointed. Later, in March 2014, he voted against extending gay marriage to armed forces personnel outside the UK and enabling courts to deal with divorce or annulment proceedings for same-sex spouses. Buckland abstained from the vote for the bill that would extend same-sex marriage to Northern Ireland. In his new job, Buckland, who also voted in favor of repealing the Human Rights Act 1998 in May 2016, will oversee all Ministry of Justice business, including judicial policy, pay and the department’s resources.


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