Gay man married his beloved on a hospice bed


Alfredo Garcia III is just 31 years old, but he understands that he does not have much time. He lives with HIV for more than 8 years, and he has also been diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a type of cancer that spreads through the lymph system, which includes the tissues and organs meant to create, store, and carry white blood cells to fight infections. He arrived to the Seasons Hospice MacNeal Inpatient Center in the Chicago suburb of Berwyn on July 18th knowing that it was the end. But the only thing he wished was to finally call the love of his life his husband. Alfredo and his boyfriend Erwin Sigueroa are in relationships for 5 years, but they grew up together and Garcia says he loves him as long as he remembers himself. He shared his dream with the national director of the hospice Bryan Pottow, who was so touched that tried his best to do everything he could to make it come true. Garcia, Pottow, and the rest of the hospice staff began to plan the ceremony last week. They intended to schedule a courthouse official to perform the ceremony and make it legal. However, Garcia started feeling worse and worse, they had to hurry up and opted a commitment ceremony. ‘It was lovely to carry out Alfredo’s last wish with Erwin. Alfredo also had the opportunity to be surrounded by his family,’ Pottow said. ‘They were very happy with it. These are life-long memories for Erwin. He will cherish them forever.’


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