Singapore Christian group is criticized for anti-LGBT Instagram video


TrueLove.Is claims on their Instagram account, as well as other social media pages, to offer services for people who experience ‘unwanted’ attractions’ to people of their own sex. The group has links to the 3:16 church, which is led by Pastor Ian Toh. Critics have accused the group of disguising services which amount to a form of conversion therapy, confusing people with the LGBT-friendly messages and insisting that the church should accept everyone. In one of the videos on TrueLove.Is’ Instagram account, Pastor Koh speaks with ‘[four] Christians who used to struggle with same-sex attraction share about their journeys out of depression and suicidal thoughts, and into joy’. In the videos, the group discusses the suicide rates among LGBTI communities in countries which are accepting of LGBTI rights. TrueLove.Is came under scrutiny last year for presenting their services in a way many considered to appropriate LGBTI symbols. Their avatars feature rainbow colors, and they use the tagline: ‘Don’t just come out, come home.’ ‘There have been deliberate efforts to spread online falsehoods that TrueLove.Is practices so-called ‘conversion therapy’. Many have shared this post of a photoshopped image that is false,’ they wrote responding to criticism via Facebook


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