Lesbian restaurateur Kylie Kwong on being disowned by her dad when came out


The Australian chef and cooking books author is now 49 years old, but she still remembers how painful it was when her father turned his back to her when she told him she was a lesbian. As her dad started to suspect that Kylie was ‘seeing some woman’, he came to her and asked whether it was true. She confirmed. He thanked for her honesty but made it profoundly clear that it was ‘something he did not like and did not agree with’. ‘It’s Wednesday. I want you out of the house by Saturday,’ he told her. ‘From this moment, I disown you as my daughter.’ He said that he would no longer talk to her, but if she wanted, she could always call home and talk to her mom and brothers. As for the mom, she held her daughter tightly and told her she was loved and free to be whomever she wanted and to date whomever she wanted. Kwong says it was very quiet in the house over the next two nights. Then, to her surprise, her dad came to her, crying and repenting. He said that she was still his baby girl and he adored her, and even though there is something he does not understand about her, he could not just cross her out of his life, it would be the same as to tear the heart out. So, she stayed, and her relationships with her dad were perfect until he passed away.


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