US Border Control says HIV status is ‘justification’ to migrants being excluded


In a meeting on Capitol Hill, the chief of US Border Control told members of Congress HIV status is already a reason for the immigrant families being excluded. Chief of law enforcement at the Border Patrol Brian Hastings stated so in a hearing with the House Judiciary Committee last week during a verbal confrontation with Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) about immigrants communicable diseases. It happens around the 4:25 mark. ‘If a mother or father has HIV positive status, is that alone enough to justify separation from their child?’ Raskin asked Hastings. And the respond was affirmative, because to Mr. Hastings’ mind HIV is a “‘communicable disease according to the guidance”. He did not say which guidance he meant, especially considering that fact that HIV was removed from the list of communicable diseases in 2010. “It is no longer applicable based on current medical knowledge and practice, scientific knowledge, and public health practice,” the CDC explained. “HIV infection is not spread by casual contact, through the air, or from food or water.”


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