Gay singer Alfie Arcuri tells the story of his coming out


Growing up in the suburbs of Sydney, the winner of the Australian edition of The Voice in 2016 Alfie Arcuri hid his sexuality from everyone and sought the way to change it. Arcuri grew up in Sydney’s south-west suburb of Camden, and this area does not have a reputation of LGBT-friendly one and the issue of homosexuality was a taboo in his family, so when he was 11 and realized his attraction to boys, he felt horrible and was afraid that his parents are going to disown him. “I’d go to school and the way I’d walk or talk — I’d always be thinking about that to make sure that no one knew I was gay. I just remember it being this constant burden. Every day for me was like a constant battle. I was constantly depressed, anxious, scared,” he said about that period. Arcuri started seeing a psychologist to help him cope with his sister’s cancer diagnosis and the psychologist was the first person he came out to. He cried of relief when it happened. He went on a cruise with all of his extended family — grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins — and he met a cute gay couple. I was kind of scared to be seen with them or spend too much time with them because… there was this stigma [in my mind] about “these gay people”. I tried to meet these guys and I remember it was New Year’s Eve. We became friends and then one thing led to another. I ended up getting caught with these boys the next day in their room by one of my family members. So I was actually forced to come out to my sisters that day’. And however awkward it might seem, the family took the news pretty well and they were only upset that he had not told them this before.


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