Randy Rainbow disses Trump and his supporters in the Jonas Brothers parody


Emmy-nominated parody artist Randy Rainbow has released a new song and video based on Jonas Brothers’ comeback hit Sucker. But instead of sucking for love this version is about multiple suckers for the presidential approval, however controversial his policy may be. The video begins with a fake interview between Randy Rainbow and Trump. Randy asks Trump questions about his recent racist attacks against four freshman Congresswomen of color. Trump goes on to ramble about his Twitter following. ‘I have millions and millions of people on Twitter,’ he says and receives a respond that it is still not as many as Ariana Grande has. And as Trump tries to hit him back, Randy Rainbow shuts him down with a song. You’re freaking crazy,’ he sings. ‘Inhuman, merciless, extreme, and unfiltered. And also lazy. So I can’t help but be slightly bewildered that your followers stick with you, whatever the hell you do, no matter how hard you screw ‘em. Gurl, your presidency is a mess. Your policies are BS. But they let you get away with it cause they’re suckers for you.’


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