New film dispelling myths about being disabled and LGBT


The producers of a new documentary that follows the extraordinary life of a British gay man with a disability are fundraising for the short to reach LGBT+ film festivals to spread the disability visibility within the rainbow community. The film follows Hereford-based gay couple Kris and Deane Saunders-Stowe, who run a weekly disability-accessible fitness classes. Kris is a wheelchair user with Osteoarthritis.He is empowering and inspiring queer disabled people to embrace their identities. The documentary is directed by Jamie Wareham. He and Saunder-Stowe are looking to raise £500 in order to submit the film to film festivals around the world. They already raised over half of that target. Although the film will eventually be released online, many film festivals require films not to be available online at the time they are playing at the festival. Film editor, Lewis Peters, added: ‘I’ve filmed a lot of content in my time as a video editor. But I’ve had a special emotional investment in this project from the start. I have so much passion for creating something special to share with the world, who like me, might need their eyes opened.’


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