Queer hip hop performer on struggling with finding her space


Aina Brei’Yon was born in South Chicago and relocated to LA in 2015 to get closer to the showbusiness world. But even though she was close to it geographically, there still were too many obstacles on her way to it. When she tried to seek help from some bands thinki9ng it would be better to succeed in the group than solo, they insisted on her changing her image completely. She’s now largely in charge of releasing her own material and coming up with the visuals. She also founded production company, 3K9 Productions. She understands that it is hard to become successful in music in general, but it is even harder if you are a woman of color and a lesbian, but she is who she is and she does not want to lie to find her listeners. It was the slow jam of 2018’s Think About Me that brought Brei’Yon attention outside the queer hip hop community. It also helped earn her a best R&B/Soul song nomination in this year’s Independent Music Awards


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