Israeli researchers engineer model of uterus


Researchers with Tel Aviv University in Israel say they have engineered a ‘receptive’ human uterus to implant embryos. The team of bioengineers and gynecologists bioengineered cells to create a model of the uterine wall and if this attempt is su7ccessful then there will be a perspective to grow embryos there. ‘We were able to develop a tissue-engineered model of the human uterine wall,’ Prof. David Elad told The Times of Israel. ‘The next step is to study how the embryos can implant into this wall.’ This technology has the potential to replace the artificial environments of petri dish and incubator when it comes to IVF for embryos to grow and develop in the environment which is maximally close to its natural one. Additionally, this technology has the potential to be a gamechanger for transgender women looking to reproduce. At the end of last year, a woman in Brazil successfully delivered a baby thanks to a uterus transplant. The baby girl was conceived through IVF and was gestated in a uterus donated by a deceased 45-year-old.


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