Did Taylor Swift hint on being bisexual?


The 10-time Grammy Award-winner posted a picture to Instagram. On the picture she wears bracelets with letters to spell things she loves – Benji (her newly-adopted kitten who was presented to her by Brandon Urie in the music video for their common track ME!), Lover (her upcoming album which is to come out on August 23rd), Fearless (her second and one of the most successful albums)….. And one of the bracelets, colored in pink, purple and blue, spelled ‘proud’. This prompted fans to speculate about singer’s possible coming out as bi. In the music video for her song “You Need To Calm Down,” Swift sports a wig in the bisexual flag colors. However, some fans on Twitter questioned whether Swift was aware of the meaning of the bracelet, which was reportedly gifted to her by a fan during a secret listening session in Nashville.


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