Talulah-Eve opens up about being bullied for her gender identity


Talulah-Eve was the first transgender woman to compete in Britain’s Next Top Model, but her road to success has not been easy. From school bullying in PE lessons to being harassed in the street with hateful slurs (though she was not out), it all seriously damaged her mental health. She shared PE with boys, because her legal documents were male. But she was not good at boyish activities at all, and it was more than enough for her classmates to start mocking her. “I gave in to the rebels at school,” she explained. “I banged a label on myself that wasn’t truly me.” Later, as she started top realize who she was and began to live as female, she as an object for dirty gossips. “There’s no filter and people will go as far as they can go to vent that anger and to try and hurt you,” she said, adding that there are such filters online – if you are bullied on the Internet, change your privacy settings, that’s all. As for offline bullying, it is better to realize that you will get rid of these people one day, they won’t remain in your life, and you will succeed and show the whole world that there is nothing to bring you down.


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