Tom Daley won’t be teaching son to dive


The openly gay Olympian say that his main goal as a father is to rise a happy child. Whatever his son decides to do, he will know that both of his fathers are there for him. If he wants to be into diving like daddy Tom, then ok, but he will not be forced to it. The father is not going to dictate him how to dive. Meaning that if Robbie asks, he will be given a piece of advice, but still, it is his own way. He highlighted the risk of parents becoming too involved in their child’s training, particularly if they previously competed in the sport, highlighting that if it happens to Robbie, he will respect the coach’s decision. And there will be no pushing or pressure from him towards his son. The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo will be the fourth Olympics that Daley has competed in — but the big difference now is he has a new priority in his life. Little Robbie will be with him in Tokyo and diving in front of him is more responsible than ever.


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