Scotland backtracks on non-binary inclusion


The body responsible for formulating the census questions in Scotland has quietly announced that non-binary option is not going to be included in the national census, even though it was originally planned. National Records of Scotland posted last week that after “careful consideration” it would “continue with a binary sex question in Scotland’s 2021 Census.” So, being asked about their sex the respondents will be able to choose only between male and female options. Scotland’s parliament unanimously approved the addition of questions about respondents’ sexuality and binary trans status on June 12. But the statement from the NRS is another blow to the non-binary community in Scotland, who in June also learned that the Scottish government has no plan to legally recognize non-binary folks in the nearest future. Sixty-five percent of Scotland also backed trans people having the right to self-identify their gender for the purposes of changing their legal gender – replacing the current system, which requires trans people provide extensive evidence of their gender including being diagnosed with gender dysphoria.


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