Adam Lambert on how fame urged him to be an educator


The openly gay American pop-rock star said that as he became famous he started feeling an extra responsibility, meaning that as a gay man in a spotlight he had an opportunity and a duty to educate his listeners about the LGBT community. He did not plan it when he started his journey to success, all he wanted was singing and bringing his extravagant image to the public. But the thing is that he did not want to hide his sexuality, and when he exposed it, he understood that it was a tool of influence on people. The singer said the lack of LGBT+ people in the mainstream media at the time meant that people were much more curious about his sex life than about his creativity. “When I started my professional journey, in the mainstream media there weren’t a lot of [queer] people, so that was the thing the media wanted to talk about. I loved talking about it, but at the same time I was like, ‘Can it not precede me?’” he said about that period


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