Police officer is sacked for urging to shot parents of trans kids


A police officer has been sacked after he allegedly branded parents of trans kids “lunatics” who deserved being shot. PC Mick Colbourne was dismissed from Lincolnshire Police on August 2 as he breached the professional conduct. Witnesses told the hearing that Colbourne had made derogatory comments in a discussion about transgender people, saying that parents are to blame if their kids question their gender, and to his mind these parents deserved being lined up and shot because they were ‘sick in the head’. However, according to the BBC, Colbourne denies being transphobic. The officer told the panel that he had said: “Parents who exert pressure on teenagers to change gender are bonkers.” Colbourne is also alleged to have compared the police working environment to “working with the Gestapo.” He denied making a Nazi salute outside the police station, claiming: “It was a wave goodbye. They may have misinterpreted the way I waved goodbye to people.”


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