New queer dating show comes to the British TV


Producers have rounded up an all-queer cast for the eighth series of the dating show called Are You The One. All 16 contestants are non-monosexual – bi, queer, pan or fluid. The cast includes Basit Shattu, a non-binary pansexual drag artist, Kai Wes, a queer transmasculine nonbinary person, and Paige Cole, a bisexual restaurant server who came to the show as she believed it to be the best way to tell the world (and especially her friends and family) about her sexuality. In the US, where the series has been airing since June 26, viewers have been thrilled by a series of NSFW scenes. The reality show follows a similar format to Love Island, with the contestants jetted out to a remote getaway to couple and re-couple until they find a true love or leave. Ahead of the series, each contestant submits a thousand-page questionnaire and a personality test, which are analyzed along with interviews with family, friends and exes.


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