Activists hope that a lesbian Muslim from EastEnders will inspire more religious LGBT stories to be shown


Campaigners, including a lesbian Christian singer Vicky Beeching, are urging TV bosses to focus on the visibility of those members of queer community who are religious, because there are myths that God hates LGBT people and religious equals homophobic .In fact, there are millions LGBT people who love God and God definitely loves them. But social stereotypes and myths often urge these people to choose between being with God (either Jesus, or Allah, or Buddha, it refers to almost all religions) and living in harmony with who they are. They subject themselves to exorcism and harmful ‘conversion therapy’ practices because they think that they are not good enough for God because they are LGBT, let alone that fact that they are kicked out of churches\temples\mosques and even disowned by their own families because they are LGBT. But actually no religion taught to exclude and to hate God is love. Torah, Bible and Koran say so. We are not aware of other holy books in other religions, but we doubt any of them preaches hate. So the world really needs more stories of such kind


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