Pride in Surrey removed those who opposed BAE Systems sponsorship


Organizers of the inaugural Pride in Surrey allegedly removed those who stood up against their main sponsors. At least two of the removed attendees claim that when they asked about the reason of removal they were told they had been “too political”, while two more say they were told it was “because you’re protesting a sponsor and the organizers don’t want you here.” Tim Rosson, one of the people who was removed, said in a statement: that it left him disappointed that the event aimed to celebrate LGBT people considered them to be less important than the sponsors. “Some of us were thrown out for being political – at an event that is a political statement about LGBTQ+ rights. Some were thrown out simply because the sponsor didn’t want us there,” he said. UK-based pacifist network the Peace Pledge Union (PPU), a member of the No Pride in War coalition, condemned the removal of the protestors, demanding the organizers to explain their actions.


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