Transgender TV personality Miriam Rivera passed away aged 38


The Mexican-born TV personality reached fame in 2003, when she starred in one of the first transgender-focused TV shows on mainstream TV There’s Something About Miriam. She was reportedly found hanged in winter, but her husband Daniel opened up about his wife’s death only now, in the interview to Daily Mail. He said: “On the morning of February 5, Miriam called me [in New York] from Mexico, telling me she was feeling sick and vomiting blood, so I told her to get to the hospital. She called me again before leaving the hospital at 12pm and that was the last time we spoke.” Cuervo had sought to have her body flown to New York, but learned she had already been cremated. He claims that when attempting to arrange the funeral, an anonymous man threatened him on the phone, warning not to come back to Mexico. Another friend of Rivera, Jeanett Ørtoft, told the outlet that there is a version that Rivera might be murdered because of her advocacy against human trafficking.


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